Journal Articles

Asquer, Raffaele, Miriam A. Golden, and Brian T. Hamel. Forthcoming. “Corruption, Party Leaders, and Candidate Selection: Evidence from Italy.” Legislative Studies Quarterly. Appendix.

Brian T. Hamel, and Antoine Yoshinaka. Forthcoming. “Who Donates to Party Switchers?” American Politics Research.

Atkeson, Lonna Rae, and Brian T. Hamel. Forthcoming. “Fit for the Job: Candidate Qualifications and Vote Choice in Low Information Elections.” Political Behavior.

Hamel, Brian T., and Michael G. Miller. 2019. “How Voters Punish and Donors Protect Legislators Embroiled in Scandal.” Political Research Quarterly 72 (1): 117-131.

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Under Review

“Measuring Racial Context” (with Bryan Wilcox-Archuleta).

Works in Progress

“Inequality in Service Delivery” (with Derek E. Holliday).

“Mass Communication and Early Voting Turnout” (with Jan E. Leighley, Robert M. Stein, and Lynn Vavreck)

“Partisans, Nonpartisans, and Political Advertising” (with Lynn Vavreck)

“Poverty, Inequality, and Political Preferences” (with Eunji Kim)

“The Causal Effects of Unions” (with Soumyajit Mazumder)

“Polarization and Party Contributions” (with Aaron M. Goldzimer, John A. Henderson, and Shawn Patterson, Jr.)